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Found 6th Jan 2010

I own a computer which i use primarily at home, I have a laptop too which I use for mostly work as my desktop doesnt have the programs I need. Ok, This may sound weird but I've recently just heard of Spotify and would love to give it a try, but was wondering would it work on my laptop that has no internet connection?

I wanted to ask

If I could download it on my Desktop, could I by any chance move it to my Laptop via usb/ or cd or something
I'm totally clueless when it comes to Laptops and the like. So if you could explain it as simply as possible I'd be ever so thankful

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No it wouldn't work on your laptop as it needs a internet connection to stream the music.

the only way it would work is if you paid the £10 a month premium sub

that way if could connect your laptop to the internet somewhere else, add all the playlists you want and make them available for offline.. that way you could play them when you took your laptop back home

No, you need the internet to be able to use it :thumbsup:
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