Spots on face male

Posted 28th Mar
Using daily face/spots wash recommended by store to reduce spots but noticing on left/right side have red spots off different sizes

Can someone please direct me in the right way to get rid off them please
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Drink lots of water, eat healthy, and exercise regularly.
Don't wash your face too often.
Cover your pillow with a towel and change this regularly.
If you've only just started the washing routine it usually gets worse before it gets better, so don't give up. Also as its on sides it could be your pillow case causing problems, wash/change pillow case daily.
Hmmm, "recommended by STORE"
If it doesn't start to clear up soon get medical advice - though in light of the pandemic it wouldn't be classed as an emergency. Is it Just soap or soap and a cream? Personally I'd not put anything on the face, just wash with a gentle soap and towel dry. Even face cleanser pads usually have oil on them or alcohol. The less you put on your face the better.
Dove soap helped me, cleared spots and blackheads
Everyone's experience is different.
Try the over the counter remedies, don't expect instant miracles and give each remedy some weeks before judging it a success or failure.
Think very carefully before going down the prescribed medicine route. For every miraculous recovery there are people who are very badly affected by strong anti acne treatments.
Try to work out a lifestyle that improves your skin. Food, alcohol, exercise, weight, smoking, suger all can have bad or no effects on skin.
Time, unfortunately there is no cure for acne except growing out of it with time. This can be a year or so or a lot longer. For most it is only a year or so and can be improved with lifestyle mods.
It runs in my family so have had lots of experience with acne and it is distressing. What helps other people may not help you and treat internet info with caution.
Carbon theory soap! This stuff is amazing and it’s £6 a bar boots sell it. It’s cleared my skin up and I’ve had bad skin for over 10 years
Cut down on sugar intake, take multi vitamins in the morning with breakfast, drink plenty of water, exercise, eat a lot more vegetables and sleep well. Spots will be gone in 3 weeks !
I think it's just down to genetics.

I have hardly any spots and my lifestyle consists of beers, pork scratchings, takeaways a few times a week, only vegetables I eat is potato's- roast or chips, don't drink water because it doesn't taste nice and don't wash my face besides the shampoo running off my head.

I do a bit of running though, maybe it's all the sweat clearing my pores.
Change your diet and keep clean pillow cases.

Wife gets a rash off my stubble, but that's a different reason lol
Spots are caused by different underlying issues.

You can have a bacterial infection, can be age/hormone related. You dont say if you are teenage - when hormone changes alter the balance of the skin and cause spots/acne frequently.

If buying facewash in the shops look for salicylic acid in the ingredients.

I find tea tree oil helps. Wash face with hot water then with dilute solution of tt oil.

I would say dont use a flannel - unless you are washing it every day.

have a look here:…ice

edit - one thing at a time and try for a reasonable period dont just slap everything on at once
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How old are you, and how long have you had them? maybe It's Acne, your best bet is to see a doctor once this Corona virus dies down.
If it's rosacea then only thing that works is lymecycline or Isotretinoin off the doctor, lymecycline has been great for me for the last 2 years.
In my experience I tried some over-the-counter products and a prescription medication (not a strong one like accutane). None of it worked. Being clean made no difference. It went away as I got older (maybe around 20) and it doesn't matter how hygienic I am now. I get the occasional one but it's usually some irritation after shaving.

It crushed me growing up in my teens and I would avoid going to school. Maybe it messed my confidence up to this day but I'm glad I no longer wake up, looking in the mirror, wondering what new spots have come up (still ugly, though ). All I can say is ride it out but if you're 25+ probably you should look into stronger prescription-based medication when the world goes back to normal. At first, your GP will start you on a moderate medication for acne.
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