Spotting price reductions in Costco

A lot of the stuff they sell in Costco tends to change quite regularly.

When they are discontinuing an item, it will often be reduced in price for a few days or more before it vanishes. However, they do not indicate on the item that the price has been reduced...

I understand the system they use for reductions is to have a PRE-vat price that ends in 7. Eg the price will be £10.97 + VAT, or £235.17 + VAT etc.

I have checked this out and it does seem to be the way they do it. However, often the item will be gone forever just a few days later - so you do need to make a pretty quick decision if you want it.

I have had some great bargains lately by looking out for the Costco Magic 7. And judging by the number of these items that suddenly turn up on eBay, I am not the only one...

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