SPraying xbox 360?

    Has anyone does this? i feel like doing my one lol


    spraying a 360 is a common modification to personalise your xbox

    what i would personally do is take the xbox apart and lightly sand the outer shell of the console with fine sand paper (this helps the paint to stick to the plastic better) This is part of prepping an xbox for painting but you do not have to do this if you do not want to. You can just spray it with paint.

    Use spray paint of your choice it doesnt matter if it is matt, satin, or gloss. spray the xbox holding the spray paint about 8 inches away from the xbox and coat the console nice and evenly also not too thick.

    after the first layer of paint has dried you can go about doing another coat if nessesary. after that you will have to protect the paint be spraying a clear lacquer which is a clear coat of paint that you can purchase from diy stores such as b&q, focus,Wilkinsons etc

    Lacquer can come in a gloss or matt finish its your choice.

    spray over the newly painted xbox with clear lacquer the same way you painted the first colour.(only do this when your fisrt coat of paint is dry)

    Hint.... Make sure you spray the xbox when it is laying on a flat even surface so it is less likely to get paint runs

    Good luck with it buddy…zWK

    Original Poster

    Thanks repped

    Wow i think i might do mine - lol

    im getting a case off rediron to spray and mod it :-D

    i wouldnt do it to mine while its in warranty

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    dont make a difference if sending bk to ms they dont chek for the seal.

    Easiest way to paint a 360 is to use vinyl dye paint and protect with clear laquer.

    However, this is the only place I know of which stocks said paint.…=59


    dont make a difference if sending bk to ms they dont chek for the seal.

    I think they would notice if you paint it pink with black spots :-D

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    yeh the colour but just put the original white case bk on if u have a spare one

    ive done my hd drive black same as my elite looks well cool

    I done my first 360 in a midnight blue and cut out two windows

    the only piece of advice i would offer from experience is take your time and dont paint a controller you plan to use it

    also get the finest sand paper available while priming

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    think ill give it a miss lol
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