I am going to get a contract from e2save and have drawn up a spreadsheet to make sure i dont get conned, does this seem ok?…jpg

    So are these really good and worth while? and if i send the correct bills (the ones highlighted red, by royal mail recorded within 60days of recieving them and with a claim voucher, (does this get stapled to the bill) i should be ok? is it really easy to do and im just being paranoid or is it easy to loose out?


    make your envelopes with the recorded labels on there, and label each envelope with the month! and pin it up somewhere safe! Works well for me

    i would say to send in your claims asap,

    my cashback says 'Make sure you claim within 45 days from the date on the relevant airtime bill'
    but logging on to my account bit on e2save, it says:
    Send month 10 claim between 14th Feb 2008 and 14th Mar 2008 £35.00
    Send month 12 claim between 14th Apr 2008 and 13th May 2008 £35.00

    the bill date is 21st of those months, and there definately ain't 45 days between those dates.
    Lost out on the third one because of that, they decided to change it, lets see if they pay up having missed one.

    ive got an e2save cashback contract and u send in your bills according to the date u took the contract out with e2save not your monthly billing date
    ie u took contract out on 15th june but your orange monthly bills rune from the 21st of each month, if u had to send off your 4th bill to claim cashback u wait until the 15th of your 4th month and the next bill u recieve after that date u send off, thats how my cashback deal with them is and they have paid me every time within 2 weeks of me sending off my bills.
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