ive kept geting these pop ups trying to get me to buy anti virus 2009 and 2008 i know its fake and ive found the source of the problem but it wont let me delete them and it keeps saying You need permission to perform this action. Ive tried scanning it with spybot ,ada etc but they think its fine how do i delete it?


    If you know which files you must remove. Restart your computer in safe mode, by rebooting then tapping F5 before boot.

    Don't forget to remove the startup items using msconfig from the run prompt

    have you got a yellow triangle with an ! mark in ?

    I had a file that did the same, I double clicked on the hard drive in my computer, found the offending file from there and deleted it, hope you sort it

    PM me your email address i think it is the smitfraud virus i have a word document with the links to the removel tool free easy to do

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    I think safemode worked. Seems to have gone although my laptop just doesnt seem as fast still quite good though.
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