Spyware Doctor Anti-Virus Take The Pee

Found 29th Sep 2009
This is my story, but could be a heads-up if your with them on the same 6 month subscription as I am (was).

In 2006 I was offered a 6 monthly subscription with PC Tools for £6.40 per term for as long as I kept the contract open. Last week I receive an email from them saying they will be taking £29.95 from my Visa card for the next 12 months. I contacted them asking 2 questions, 1. Why are they now taking it annually? 2. Why has it gone from £12.80 (2x £6.40) to £29.95, which is nearly 3 times what I agreed to? I said I don't want it annually and want the 6 monthly account I already had. The next email then said, "we understand you want to cancel your account, so it is now closed. You will have to click the renewal link to pay if you want to keep the product". Low and behold I click the link, which now says, £39.95 now!!

So in a space of a couple of days I've gone from having the software for £6.40 per agreed 6 month subscription to now having to pay them £39.95! NOT IMPRESSED!!
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Get AVG anti virus its free
bullguard off amazon is pretty cheap, never had a prob, any virus or prob showed up been using it for 3 years or so now
I use Avast free off cnet.com - never had any probs :-)
you did the right thing, try malwarebytes.com free version, its very good.
Loads of free ones Avast ,AVG , Comodo Internet Security . All for 'nowt' ................no need to pay .
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