spyware program

    i want a good free spyware remover, can anyone help. thanks.


    i like ad-aware SE [url][/url]

    ^^^ ditto That's a good one biggo

    And Spybot S&D.

    They work quite well together I've found...

    Ewido is very good, free and easy to use.

    Do a google for it

    Have you tried Microsoft Windows Defender: ]http//ww…=en
    You must have a licensed copy of windows to download and use this.
    You can also try AVG free spyware here: ]http//fr…/v5 they also do Free anti virus as well. If you happen to have Broadband from Telewest or NTL they have a programme called PC Guard which has Anti virus, anti spyware, anti phishing etc etc and this available for free from their website.

    Other tip, don't download 'FREE' music, videos etc, as this is where your spyware and viruses comes from, I just did some work recently on a laptop and found 60,000 viruses!!!!!!!!


    And Spybot S&D.They work quite well together I've found...

    Got to agree... Ive used these for a while now, work great togther. Can be found…ds/

    I use adaware by lavasoft, and spybot sd, would agree totally with the others about these working well together.
    Also use spywareblaster, which blocks all "bad pages".
    Using all 3 together, never had any bother so far touch wood (my head).
    I still use a good anti virus/firewall though.

    Used S&D for a very long time and had Spyware Doctor for a few weeks now too. Spyware Doctor doesn't half like eating RAM though (50megs to sit in the background!).
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