Square Dinner Set Wanted

    Need a good quality dinner set for at least 8 people.
    I could double up a 4 person set if that works out cheaper.
    Needs to be a range where additional matching components are available individually and can be added later if needs be (such as a tea set).

    Also, needs to be square or square-ish.
    Price isn't necessarily an issue as I am looking for quality here, but obviously something on sale or on special offer would be useful.
    I'm already aware there is some kind of Square Denby set at Debenhams.

    Thanks in advance.


    Ikea do square sets?

    Denby all the way :thumbsup:

    i have seen the corning ware in square at my local tesco

    There is some on offer at Sainsbury,s at the moment

    Asda as well but denny would be better quality

    grr typo denby even

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    en_ger_land;6327971 … set and good quality without being expensive

    Thanks, but they don't have additional components; they do just the 4 pieces for the set.


    Thanks, some good looking stuff on that site. I'll go trawl through it properly later.…0/4

    Has a 5 star customer review, although you would need to buy 2 sets as it's only 4 place settings

    Marks and Spencer, just got a whole set of square plates

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    Thanks all.
    Think I will go with one of the sets on the site listed by Choc1969 above -…php
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