Squeak in car sometimes

Posted 13th Jan
Hi there,

Got my chevrolet spark in November 2019, all seems okay with it except that there is a slight squeak occasionally, not all the time which sounds almost like a bird tweeting or something (only way i can describe it lol). Id say it was kind of at the front of the car and it happens whilst driving and sometimes when i am parking.

I am not sure what this could be and I am scared in case it could be expensive to repair.
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if it happens when parking and your wheel is turned, then could be front suspension spring (not that expensive)
Plastic trim rubbing?

Stuff in glove box stopping it from fully closing.

Where does the squeek sound like it's coming from inside outside? left right?
No point in being frightened Ss1_ as it could be a multitude of things. Not ALL are costly. Only way to find out is to get it diagnosed. As with ALL 'noise' related issues, the problem is getting it to do it whilst at a garage. Oh, the times I've taken a car to a mechanic with a similar problem - only for them to say "Can't find anything wrong."

A classic "squeak" or "Squeal" can come from a build-up or 'glaze' on a brake pad. Don't panic - this does not mean your brakes are no good or worn. It is an occurrence that can happen to perfectly working brakes. What it does is cause a noise when traveling at very low speed (as in parking/maneuvering) and also if the brake has a slight bind.

Another classic is if the front wheel is touching any part of the trim - i.e. if you turn the wheel whilst in motion and it contacts a part of the plastic inner wheel arch. This can manifest as a squeak/chirp noise as the wheel is chafing but at incredible speed. Of course, you don't park at 'incredible' speed (unless you're a stunt-person!) so you'd just hear a sloshing noise.

It might be a dry joint (steering) or a dry wheel bearing. It can even be a build-up of debris/rust on a track rod or the like that's rubbing under certain conditions. These need to be investigated/remedied.

Unless you know someone (family member/friend) who can investigate for you, then get it to a garage. It's the only way to be safe/sure. Don't worry about the cost BEFORE you find out the cause.

All the best, Phsy.
Really doubt it's going to be something very serious/expensive. If it's very interment be you can't find where it's coming from it will eventually get worse and you can get it fixed then. Most of the time noises are from either brakes, auxiliary belt, the suspension system, exhaust,bearing or something like that none of them are too expensive too get fixed so don't worry it hopefully won't be too serious.
I had an irritatng sqeak - narrowed it down to the seat belt clip rubbing against the leather seat.
Car under warranty??...
Find a road/surface you can MAKE squeak occur, ON DEMAND! and book it in..
we had something similar in our previous car. it sounded like a short whistle sound on the front passenger side every now and then when driving. it turned out to be the brakes.
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Hubby often squeaks in the car - but only when I'm driving for some reason.
It sounds like it could be the axle about to break.
Try switching on the radio, so you can't hear it
What a ridiculous post
Might a bird tweeting from the engine. (I joke). It can be many things.
Mouse in car sometimes.
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