Squigle Enamel Saver Toothpaste

Found 4th Feb 2010
I suffer a lot from mouth ulcers, and read about this toothpaste, which is suppost to help. Only problem is i don't know where to get it, found it on ebay but at 8.98 a tube its far too pricey.

anybody know where to get this stuff?
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Just buy some Rinstead tablets and cut down of fried fatty foods, especially crisps...
With regards to mouth ulcers, you will find that you will have more if you brush with a toothpaste which has Sodium Lauryl Suphate in it. So what I do is use Sensodyne, but I still check that it doesnt have SLS in it because some of them do. For the year I have used Sensodyne I have not had an ulcer and I used the get one every week or so.

There is a link between SLS and ulcers, and I am sure this may help you, I know it doesnt answer your first question, but it may be a low cost solution in the long run for you.
i already use SLS free toothpaste, has made a small improvement, results from the squigle stuff suggest it is the best to use, hence i was wanting to give it a try.
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