Squirrel Problem Suffering with noise. Please help!

Might be the wrong forum but lets see if any other member of HUKD has suffered the same.

Please could someone recommend a good reasonable priced pest company who has dealt with squirrels in a flat roof.


We had a problem with squirrels nesting in our atic a couple of years ago, phoned the local council pest control & they sent a man around to deal with them.

you beat me to it - contact environmental health at your local council - they will give you the details of someone or alternatively they will do it and charge you

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calling them now

Go up and steal there nuts.

Tried the yellow pages?

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Council only does baiting and minimum charge is £100. Estimate is free. They do not provide proofing.
Do not want to call anyone from the yellow pages as last time I did that for a roof repair all I got was silly sods trying to rip me off talking about £1000-£2000 in the end roof was re-done for £350.

Be prepared. :-D


Dont know if they come in squirrel sizes though, or how you will encourage the blighters to wear them

We have squirrels in our attic, noisy little things. Though we're just leaving them there - if they have come in once, they or others will only get in again.

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I've let them be there for three years now, fed up and wanted to make sure they do not chew the electrics





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good bird watching meadsy


OP - won anything yet?
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