Posted 22nd Dec 2022
I want to replace a number of HDDs and SSDs in my system with a smaller number of devices.

I'm intending to leave the 500gb NVME SSD as an operating system drive.
I'm thinking of getting a fast 2tb drive for games, and a slower 2tb drive for storage.

I'm comfortable with installing the devices and migrating data across from my existing assortment of hard disks and SSDs.
However, I need confirmation that I'm on the right tracks here, ending up with 3 SSDs as above. I welcome suggestions for the two new SSDs, as I see there are several on offer on this site at present.
If there is a better solution, bearing costs in mind, I would be interested to hear it.

Thanks in advance.
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    do you have AMD cpu? I use storemi which is free with AMD on my B450 motherboard. it allows me to merge a 3tb HDD with an SSD and it copies the most common small files to the SSD and keeps the large files on the HDD

    you can also do something similar with windows storage spaces but I haven't got round to doing that yet - but saw some tutorials on youtube

    AMD's technology is I think a copy of primocache which you could buy

    basically - you can merge a lot of your drives and put a cache for the most commonly used files in games
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    Most games only see the initial load time speed advantage of an SSD - once the game is running there is little real world difference. What's really annoying is if you play online you will unlikely see any advantage in load times as everyone has to wait for the slowest player anyway. Consolidation can have it's advantages. Remember to back up any data that is important to you.
    With any SATA based drive you will be limited by the throughput of you SATA connection - if you want speed a direct PCI interface would be best, there is a point of diminishing returns though, especially when it comes to gaming performance.
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    Not going to notice much of a difference in speed between the two drives you get.
    How comes?
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