SSE Npower merger

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SSE has confirmed merger with Npower. This will mean less choice for customers to switch energy suppliers and ultimately mean higher prices. More profits for fat cats. Ultimately they will be job losses hence more people on the dole.
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There are so many new entrants to energy supply market, I'm with Avro, was with Ovo before, can't say it will make much difference tbh..
We left SSE because we were paying a fortune. Switched to Npower, which gave better rates. Not great news that SSE is taking over Npower as the broadcaster said. If this is a correct statement, I would prefer it the other way round
Hardly less choice , or more money for the fat cats . I doubt the Poster has noticed that there are dozens of Energy suppliers now . Could well be that the increased competition has led to the proposed merger /buyout .

One company instead of two - surely half as many fat cats !
And the rest of the biggies will "have" to merge also to keep "competative" more redundancies and price rises to follow.

But the market will be saved by Ofgem wont it ? Yeh right
Yes npower already looking at outsourcing meter readers
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