SSShhhhhhh! - finally got baby to sleep!!

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Found 27th Jul 2008
Got in from work about 1am & OH was still up with the little one -

Anyway - i packed her off to bed ( OH ) & just now got baby to sleep. Finally.

Might get some shut-eye meself in a bit but I'm at that funny point where my body says yes but my head says no... or is it the other way round?

It's a warm night round our way which doesnt help much either.

Anyway - take care everyone!



Buy an oscillating fan to use in the evening to cool room b4 you put baby to sleep, really does help.
I have a 7 month old. And if you OH is home alone remember to fixed the fan so it dont oscillate so she can come in and turn it off and it wont waKe the baby if baby asleep in her arms.
Can usually get a big one on a stand for about £15 this time of year if havent got one already

sound advce there, i cant sleep at night very well as its too warm, so i cant imagine what little ones feel,

Original Poster

Cheers - already got a fan but just never though of using it- it's stuck in he spare room! - doh!

Anyway - got a few hours kip so can't moan & it's all good fun!!
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