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    Today I had an online chat with one of the STA booking agents. The fare he quoted for Emirates was 10% higher (£50 in my case) than that mentioned on the Emirates website. The terms and conditions are also rigid when you book through agents. For example one change in date of return flight is free with bookings made on Emirates website but if you book through STA you have to pay £100+ fees (IMO) to change date of flight.
    Funny thing is that STA advertises that it shall beat the price, when I told this promise to the online booking agent, he replied that we beat prices of other travel agents only, what a mess!!


    Don't use them then. Problem solved.

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    Don't use them then. Problem solved.

    Yes obviously i am not going to use it!! But wanted to share this information with others as it may be helpful.

    Well I would have thought it would be cheaper dealing directly with Emirates rather than going through a third party anyway but fair enough

    STA are total clowns. I enquired about round the world tickets for myself and my daughter. They asked if we were both under 27. No.the mother is NOT under 27. "No problem, you will just to have to fly on seperate flights" So they expect us to holiday around the world on different flights...bloody jokers!
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