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    hey all im in a bit of a pickle and wondered if anyone had any advice. I booked a ticket earlier this year through STA travel from heathrow to auckland (for about a month), then auckland to LA (for about a month) then home.

    However there has been a bit of a problem and it seems that I may not need to go to LA and therefore only need to go to NZ. OR conversely the second possibility is that I I will need to go to LA but only for a couple of weeks instead of the month.

    Now ... the questions I have are ... I paid about £1300 for the whole trip, now if I decide not to go to LA is there any option that I have that can save me the difference between going to NZ and LA (because I think a ticket to NZ was about £800 at the time) OR is that not possible. If so, and I have to just come via LA (and thus change the dates on my tickets, is there anyway I can get out of paying the fee to change the dates, (cant remember exactly but think this will cost around £100 or something)? .... also I paid via credit card and I know that it is insured etc, so is there anyway that insurance can help with the situation, or am I being too optimistic:-)?

    Hope that all makes sense and any advice would be much appreciated !


    Why don't you just ring STA in the morning and ask?!

    Original Poster

    Because I am sure they wont give me any advice on the possible insurance etc AND having bought the ticket off them I have realised that they really are not that helpful, especially after the ticket has been sold.

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    checked out out thanks, anyone else had any experience with STA?
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