STA Travel Anybody ever used these?

    Hi all again
    Basically reading this…k-f

    "And as i have said in the thread:
    Is this legit, not heard of these before?
    as im a student and this is something that im interested in.
    This student thing, its not like a club holiday stuck with all the other students are you?
    Do you just all fly together or what?
    Hotel wise you find your own i presume?
    Let me know "

    Anybody used these, and the questions i have asked.

    Kind Regards


    As long as they are ABTA and IATA bonded there should be no problem. Just to make sure book it on a credit card but I am 99% sure they are legit.

    i've been hearing about them for years and they are still going, guess they are ok,


    sta are fine only problem ive ever had with them is when you need to change your flight you have to go through them. you cannot contact the airline yourself or through another travel agent.

    i found this a pain when i was traveling in se asia especially for last minute changes, minor problem i suppose

    discounted flight if youre under 25 also

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    Yeah thats why im doing it, cos im 19/20.
    So the £149 FLIGHTS to NEW YORK, do you just fly with that company, then part ways at the airport?
    As ive never like done flights and accomo separately.


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    Anymore info guys?

    STA have been around for years, used them a lot in my student days to get to NYC and Europe. They get discounted fairs from a lot of the airlines so worth getting but you need to book early.

    If you are booking flights and accommodation with them they can arrange transport but it's cheaper to get on the ]LIRR AirTrain when you get to NYC if you fly into JFK. This takes you to the subways and you can travel easily enough.

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    Sold out
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