stack overflow????

    i keep getting this error message popping up on my screen 'stack overflow' what does it mean


    sounds like the Tesco toilet problem :lol:

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    sounds like the Tesco toilet problem :lol:


    Basically, you need to close some programs that you have running as all your memory is being used.


    This should help explain things for … This should help explain things for you:

    But as it's a windows 95/98 article I wouldn't recommend trying any of the solutions.

    Basically the error message is meaningless without even information on which program is generating the error message, every program uses a stack and most of them can cause overflow errors if something unexpected happens.

    Does the title of the error window not give a program name?

    As EndlessWaves has said, it's almost certainly a program specific problem rather than an OS problem, so unless you can work out which program is, there's not much you can do. Tbh, even if you can work out which program it is, it probably won't help much either...

    If you are interested in what a stack overflow actually is, your computer has some memory which is dedicated to the 'stack'. This memory is used when a program goes into a new method or procedure (think of functions in mathematics) from another . Often, the original method still has some code to execute before the first one was jumped to, so the computer has to find a way back to the original method to complete that part. The stack, then, is a 'stack' of memory addresses which are like a map leading the computer back to the method it was in before the current one, and the method before that, and the method before that etc. The memory address on the top will be the most recent method, and the address on the bottom will be the earliest.

    Stacks are often analagised to a stack of plates in a canteen. The plate at the top is the last one to have been put onto the stack, and it's also the first one to come off when the next person gets a plate. When you take the top plate off, you know where the next plate is that was put on, so you can take that one off, all the way till the last plate. This is known as a LIFO (last in first out) data structure.

    Stack overflow, then, is when there is no more room in the stack memory to fit any more directions of how to get back to the previous place.

    Stack overflow is often a sign of a programmer making a fundamental error somewhere in a particular program (probably not your operating system), it can often be in a part where the program is in a loop.
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