Posted 26th Nov 2022 (Posted 17 h, 7 m ago)
1129089811669457921.jpgCurrently have a gorilla tub of shoes under the stairs and can never find anything. Wondering if anyone has seen a multi level one that fits into a small space?
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    I use a Billy bookshelf from Ikea
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    Ikea has a great selection of dedicated shoe storage collections - they also have lots of generic storage options. personally I'd go for something with a wooden frame. Those plastic ones ones look good but are useless in practise. Worse still are canvas ones or any sort of material & plastic combos!
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    I use an old dvd rack
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    IKEA have loads of options, we just bought their shelving unit and loads of the shoe shelves and built it into a cupboard in what was dead space otherwise. Of course my kids still just leave their shoes all over the hallway which me being the clumsy one I always trip on.


    If you're short on space though I'd be more tempted to get a hanging one or back of the door one.

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    I’ve got something like this. Costs around £30 and you can create your own shape with the parts. You can double up in each box if needs be.