Mornign people!

    Am at a stag do tonight, and am after a few gimmicky things to take along, maybe a Ball and Chain, or some stag antlers. I know it's a bit late notice and i should've thought about it a while ago, but I'm male, and this is a stag do not a hen party, hence the last minute thoughts!

    Anyone know any high street shops that might sell these? Or anything else you can think of!

    Thanks guys!


    Ann summers do lots of things, go to and look under stag / hen parties - Also have blow up dolls etc in the sale.


    Look under hen and stag parties, they have a few things you might like.

    condoms?? perhaps go to sex/joke shop and get the extra large ones , you know the ones that are about 1 foot long

    If you want to have a laugh and dress as a hen party go to somewhere like accessorize, they often do hen night stuff like L plates, sparkly cowboy hats etc. My OH did this once and everyone thought it was hilarious

    :)try the pound shops our local one does pink cowboy hats and wings ect for hen nights im sure they will have some lads stuff have a fab night ohhh and hand cuffs are good for wrapping him round a lamp post with a bare butt:giggle:

    Have you checked Yell for party shops?
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