Found 19th May 2008
Evening everyone!
i'm off to my mate's stag do in Prague in two weeks, anyone been to any stag's out there?? got any ideas of good places to check out??



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Their lovely torture chambers and museums of medieavel torture haha. Knew an elderly-ish couple that went there once an visited museums that were full of the most weird torture instruments.... each to their own I guess!
Never been myself and thats all I know about the place sadly...

Depends on the type of guys your going with I guess, I've aways fancied this myself looks like fun :thumbsup:
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word of advice have someone that understands czech

Original Poster

Cheers guys! We've got out activities sorted... just more the night scene.... good bars/clubs etc.
been recommended gold fingers - so will be checking that out.


word of advice have someone that understands czech

Hmm... we don't have anyone who knows czech - would u recommend a tour guide type person??

This place is good: ]http//ww…ash

You may even recognise it from one of Rhiannas old videos. Great atmosphere :thumbsup:
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