stag in blackpool

    was going to manchester now he`s wanting blackpool ,so anyone know what its like and places to stay and go to at nite cheers


    if your looking for a rough night out go for it ! Id goto Newcastle every day of the week for a stag doo......

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    I The Woman Are Rough Ha Ha

    i live in blackpool its great for parties but much much better in the summer as its quite quiet now in comparison


    i live in blackpool its great for parties

    As you're a local, where do you recommend they stay/visit?

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    good good so are the strip clubs good then and were would you recommend going to it wont be until july we r coming down


    I The Woman Are Rough Ha Ha


    I hope you are joking,as a Blackpool woman I can assure you we are not all rough!(and if you disagree I'll punch yer lights out with me tattooed hands full of cheap gold jewellery:-D )

    Depends what you want from your night out really.If it's sleazy joints with lap dancers,we got 'em.If it's cool bars with lots of hairgel and no eye contact,we got 'em.If it's cheap and cheerful beer to get lashed,yup we got 'em too!If it's good fun pubs with a variety of peeps,they are there also.

    Basically there is something for everybody dependent on your choice.Have fun,don't fight and go home happy:)

    i've been to blackpool many times, its very popular for stag nights

    Blackpool for the woot!

    Fk Manchester, Blackpool is more welcome for male parties!

    Out of season it is still a great night out. The thing with Blackpool, the Hotel business is an all year income in most parts so if your nice, you are guaranteed accommodation, as long as you sort your digs out before you get pi**ed!!!

    The locals will put themselves out to help you if your ok with them. Oh, and you are guaranteed some fast food at the end of the night!!!
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