Stagg dynamite chilli - stupidly hot.

    Just wondering why I bothered. My mouth is burning and you can guess what else'll be on fire later today.


    Milk is the best thing to counter it.
    Drink like a gallon of it.

    But you say its [COLOR="Red"]dynamite[/COLOR] chilli what where u expecting something like ice to cool your coca cola down?

    HA, I think we ALL know what will be burning later


    HA, I think we ALL know what will be burning later:p

    his ring lol.:thumbsup:


    But you say its [COLOR="Red"]dynamite[/COLOR] chilli what where u … But you say its [COLOR="Red"]dynamite[/COLOR] chilli what where u expecting something like ice to cool your coca cola down?

    Exactly, OP is probably the reason McDonalds have to put 'Warning this hot apple pie maybe hot' on the packaging.

    Watchout the milk maybe cold when you drink it.

    I have a bottle of hot sauce here labelled 100% PAIN. A teaspoon of that will make you forget about the chili you just had :thumbsup:

    News just in.

    The Sun is hot. *Gasps*


    News just in.The Sun is hot. *Gasps*

    I've heard reports it's only luke warm!


    I've heard reports it's only luke warm!

    I heard its crap...

    how many scovilles?


    how many scovilles?

    not many i think, ive had it. its not THAT hot.


    how many scovilles?

    Around 200,000-300,000


    not many i think, ive had it. its not THAT hot.

    It tends to vary... I've had tins that are as mild as (as a curry comparison) a jalfrezi/rogan josh and then the occasional one that's (as the op put it 'stupidly hot') as spicy as any phaal as I've ever had...

    Try Mr Naga pickle...


    Or Holy Cow sauces... or s_Gourmet"]Daves Insanity Sauce

    It can be argued that Dave's Insanity is also too hot for general use and was also invented for bragging rights rather than general consumption. This is specially true as Capsaicin extracts only increase the heat factor without enhancing flavours.

    completely pointless IMO

    Funnily enough iwas on about this to amate last night, was having the new hot dominos pizza and he said its not that hot. I told him to try stagg dynamite, it'll blow your sacks off.
    Thought i was exaggerating, i had some and it was the most unfomftable dinner in my life, almost painfull.:w00t:

    You guys are kids with regards to chilli. Try Blair's Jersey Death.

    I touched the lid and could barely see it on my finger, stuck that in my mouth and i was running to get some that stuff was HOT!!!

    If you want to get really serious check out blairs reserve, apparantly going over the open bottle with no eye protection will make you go blind from tears for about 30 mins, now thats chilli lol

    Never really understood the whole hottest chilli thing.

    I would have thought sticking more of a lesser heat chilli is the same as sticking one mega hot one in.

    Original Poster

    thanks for all the comments guys.

    i bought a hotter chilli because i wanted a hotter chilli.

    turns out it was a bit hotter than i expected.

    sorry for bringing it up (now that would be painful)

    anyway, i had to go to work as soon as i'd posted this topic - so apologies for not replying sooner.

    i had to hit the bog approximately one hour later and my poor ring-piece was searingly hot.

    i shan't be purchasing dynamite chilli again.

    it's official, i am a chilli wimp, and i don't care - so ner-nee-ner-nee-ner!!!!!!

    a**e like the back end of the batmobile....

    Or... Like the japanese flag...

    *ahem*.... last but not least...

    Original Poster

    all of the above!!!

    i was tempted to dip it in some natural yoghurt!!
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