Stainless Steel dish drainer in the sales anywhere?

    I'm after a fairly large capacity stainless steel dish drainer (for the 3 tons of washing up I do every day!!:x ) Have tried looking in the Lakeland sale already, but to no avail. Argos is similarly disappointing..I want something a bit more substantial than what they've got on offer, but pref without the hefty price tag that some of them come with...who exactly does pay £50+ for a dish drainer anyway???:roll:


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    :-D thanks again for your other attempt to help, but I'm afraid that's not quite what I'm after either! If I knew how to, I'd post a pic to help, but I'm a bit rubbish at all this!:oops: :oops:

    If you have any pictures, you can upload them a site such as ] or ]http//ph…om/

    Then use this:-[COLOR=#000000][/COLOR]
    to post them on here.


    are you after a draining rack to put the washing up to dry?

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    something to put the dishes on on the draining board next to the sink, if that makes sense??:-D
    Personally I think a dishwasher makes far better sense but there's no room for one in my kitchen!:x

    Ohhh I am after one of these myself Shenberrypie!
    At the moment I am using a flat/flush to work top plastic drainer from Ikea which cost me 99p, They never had any stainless steel ones in when we bought our kitchen from them.
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