Stainless Steel verses Non Stick Pans

    As above, which is best?
    Looking at debenhams vista pan sets and the stainless steel set is more expensive and the guarantee is 15yrs longer than the non stick.
    Can't decided which to get, I love non stick for its ease of use and cleaning and the only stainless pan I have is my wok, and food always sticks to it.
    Any advice greatly appreciated.


    Stainless steel is better, but if it doesn't suit you buy the non-stick ones. Simple as that.

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    why is it better though?


    why is it better though?

    It depends what you are using it for to be honest.

    I have 2 non stick pans, mainly use them for pancakes, and light frying.

    Stainless steel are better for when I am doing meat etc, they are a lot more durable.
    You can use a higher heat, and they last longer.

    The non-stick coating on Non-stick pans will eventually diminish.

    For me it's stainless steel all the way.Non stick has less of a shelf life as after lots of use it starts to come off and then you have lots of lovely toxic chemicals entering your body every time you eat something.
    Even if that doesn't bother you they definitely have less of a life than steel pans-that'sin my opinion anyway!:).
    If you use a frying pan for browning meat and cooking nice pieces of steak's also worth spending a bit more on a heavier pan which will go in the oven to finish off the cooking process-I dithered for weeks over spending £35+ on one of these good quality frying pans but I am glad I did-there is no comparison with the cheaper versions.
    Hope that helps.

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    Thanks all

    I do have a nice heavy grill pan which I do use to finish in the oven sometimes, but its non stick!

    Think I will go that bit extra and get the stainless ones

    go 4 the stainless steel ones brought a set 10 years ago and they are still like new (prestige)

    stainless steel id best. I've gone through more non stick and since I got my stainless set I haven't looked back. Even if you burn something in it, it will still come off and you don't take the coating with it.
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