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Posted 25th Oct
One of my spindles on my stairs has broken. I am looking everywhere to get the same one but unfortunately can't find one. Does anyone know the name of the one I have? Or where I can buy it from?

Thanks in advance.3315295.jpg
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Glue the existing one. And paint it
cmdr_elito25/10/2019 10:30

Glue the existing one. And paint it

Yep. These are a "fitted" spindle so you'd end up dismantling the top rail (or cutting out a slot) to put a new one in. I'd pin it at the point of the break. Bit of wood filler and paint. Job done.
Maybe glue and re enforce the joint with a dowel or a double ended screw but you will have to remove the filler/spacer piece from under the hand rail to get the spindle back in in one piece
Is the broken part (I can see it on the floor!) still intact? If so:
Cut the section out at the top to allow 'wiggle' room. Put a pin (nail with head cut off would do!) at the bottom. Fit spindle, bit of wood filler to cover blemish and paint. If you want to make the job simpler, put the spindle back in the hole at the top, match to the broken part at the bottom and draw a vertical line on both parts. Then remove spindle, cut a groove in each part where your line is, and fit a metal plate into the groove. This will form the joint. Again, use wood filler to hide the plate and paint over.
I think the name of your one is called 'fecked'.
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