Found 22nd Nov 2010
Climbing at transmitter tower.…swf?…d=1

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That made me ill just looking at it!

[ ] clicking link.

wow. i couldnt do that.


black gerbil1

[ ] clicking link.

Have you been excluded from School again?

There isn't enough money in this world that would persuade me to do that.


I couldn´t watch but my other half says he could do it no problem.

He´s lying though.

Would be great, I wouldn't do it though

I'd love that job, not scared of heights at all. If I saw a spider half way up though....

My stomach is turning just watching it... and when he looks down... oh god!

**** that lol

I hope he's hairy. Right now I want to marry him.

Love the comment near the end 'there's no quick way down'


Love the comment near the end 'there's no quick way down'

There's sound?!?!? Off to fetch a cable...


For the insurance money?

Nonononono. I'm rather into elbows, his arms look proper nice. Bet he's got some serious upper body strength going on... yum.

It must be even harder climbing with balls bigger than Kingkongs!
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