Stamp collections / postal history wanted!

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Found 5th Dec 2008
I am always interested in stamp collections or postal history collections (envelopes with stamps on them), but not first day covers. I can buy and exchange too for my spare material. Do you have anything just lying around in the loft or want to swap material? Please do let me know, winter months are a bit boring....

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I would wait awhile and repost this as I am sure there will be lots of stamps for collectors such as yourself out there - I personally have a load of old ones but they are in the attic and I really dont want to go back up the attick after just completing a marathon tink up there gettin all decorations down, but will remember thrread and when I go back up to put stuff back up there will look for them for you

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Thanks! Please do let me know when you are ready.

I have a book of 6 first class stamps - bought from my local Jimmy's? I think they are dated Dec 2007..Yours for £10 delivered!


Iv got a stamp book, dont know what stamps are classed as good though? lol I started collecting when i was about 7 year old, stopped when i was about 7 and a half haha Got stamps from malaysia, usa, uk, and quite a lot of others, but like i say i dont know if they are any good?
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