Stand Alone Virgin Media 30MB Broadband - Cheapest Deal

Hi guys, I'm looking for a cheapest virgin media broadband fibre optic deal as a new customer. Currently they're offering a free installation plus 3 months half price but its seems very expensive when you compare them with other deals. any suggestion how to get good deal?


Login or sign up to quidco and go to virgin media via quidco and you should get £65 cashback after 2 or 3 months
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^^ I got this the other day. I think it is about £23 for 3 month, then £31. No istallation fee. Just ask them to send you out the kit, (free) and hook it up yourself (If there has been NTL already in the property)
I had mine up and running in less than 6 minutes.

Your better off having a VM Landline installed, choose the bottom phone package M, this give's you six months at 22.24 then the final six months at 31.49 meaning over 12 month's you pay £322.38 compared to 3 months at 23.50 then 9 at 28.50 totalling £327 over the 12 month's. Plus as stated go through Qudico meaning overall less per month. I signed up to VM through Quidco and got the money the following month.

Daft I know but just get the phone line and never use it!!!

Hope this helps, plus VM is expensive but you get what you pay for. If you choose 30Mbps you receive 30Mbps, none of this you live too far from the exchange rubbish!
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