Stanley Weston, G.I. Joe Inventor & Thundercats Action Figures Co-Creator , Dies at 84

Found 8th May 2017

Monday that her father died May 1 in Los Angeles.

Weston was born in Brooklyn in 1933, and served in the Army shortly after the Korean War ended. When he returned home to New York, he found a job with the advertising agency McCann Erickson and enrolled in night courses for an MBA at New York University, where he had studied as an undergraduate.

Weston soon discovered a talent for the up-and-coming licensing and merchandising industry, and he struck out on his own to found Weston Merchandising.

When Mattel Barbie dolls were introduced in 1960, Weston realized boys were an untapped market for the doll industry after noting that many of them played with Ken dolls. He conceived of the idea of a military action figure and in 1963, sold what would become G.I. Joe to Hasbro. The runaway hit would go on to be one of the most enduring toy lines in history, with it spawning hit TV shows and films.

Weston later renamed his company Leisure Concepts, which would represent clients such as Charlie's Angels-era Farrah Fawcett, Nintendo and the World Wrestling Federation, as well as TV shows such as Alf and Welcome Back Cotter. His other notable achievements include helping create the 1980s toy phenomenon ThunderCats. In 1989, he was among the inaugural class for the Licensing Industry Hall of fame, which includes notables such as Walt Disney, George Lucas and Jim Henson.

Weston is survived by his brother, his three children and five grandchildren.

I grew up with cartoons such as Gijoe & Thundercats, 80s cartoons made my childhood awesome & they are better than most cartoons nowadays, RIP to a true gentleman and one of my heroes.

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Loved Thundercats .. and yes you're right.. don't make cartoons like that anymore

Wonder what he thought of the skeletor ads

Errr... Ted Wolf devised "Thundercats"...[ … Errr... Ted Wolf devised "Thundercats"...[ ]

"co-creator in the action figures" i meant sorry updated

Stanley Weston, who created the toys that would become known as G.I. Joe in an attempt to translate the popularity of Barbie to boys and sold it to Hasbro for $100,000 in the 1960s, died last week at age 84, according to a report from THR. In 1964, Hasbro used the term “action figure” to promote its G.I. Joe toys, which kind of makes Weston the creator of the entire genre of toy. Weston, whose company Leisure Concepts Inc. worked with properties like Star Wars, WWE, and The Legend of Zelda, also created the ThunderCats line of toys in the 1980s. In 2015, Weston filed a lawsuit to reclaim the rights to the G.I. Joe movie franchise which, if successful, would have seen the rights return to him in 2020, but there have been no updates on the suit since then.

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GI Joe? Was always Action Force to me.

GI Joe? Was always Action Force to me.

Yeah same actually, but my first set of figures were GiJoe (us) branded rather than action force (uk)
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