Staples/Neat Ideas: 'Portable Movie Player' - help please?

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Found 7th May 2010
Hi...just got this as a freebie with a Staples business account order.
Literature supplied says it can play/show 'Photos',/'Movies' /music (WMA files only) via SD cards.
Well, it certainly does photos & movies, but I can't for the life of me find any way of playing my SD card containing WMA music files.
Staples Customer Service aren't able to help. No way of contacting manufacturer (eTech)
This model was previously offered a few months ago by Neat Ideas (a sister company to Staples).
So, can anyone who has one of these let me know how I can get my music playing?
Many Thanks

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does it play mp3s? probably so

supporting wma is a bit weird, and wouldn't be surprised if their Chinese supplier just threw in some buzzwords, but didn't follow through, it was a freebie after all

Original Poster

Thanks for taking time to reply.
I agree re: WMA...not having MP3 is crazy ....Annoying, because it's a very nice-looking unit. Not even an icon for 'Music Player'
Here's what Staples introductory leaflet said:
'To begin using the player simply transfer your favourite movie, music or picture files on to a memory card then insert into your player....Select a function using the navigation button and relax' :whistling:
Well...there's an icon for 'Photos', one for 'Movie'....but none for 'Music'.:x
As an experiment, I tried creating a folder each for 'Photos' & 'Movie', then placing the WMA music files in those. But no deal...
I'm totally stumped...
Any other ideas?
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