Star Wars Battlefront (one) Ultimate for XBox worth getting?

Found 11th Dec 2017
My 10 year old son has asked for Battlefront (one) for his Xbox One S.

I had understood it was pretty lame for offline usage (we dont have XB Live) but he insists not.

Is the Ultimate edition still worth getting for offline single or 2 player? Battlefront 2 is beyond budget as a stocking filler - and I'm put off that with all the controversy I've heard of.

Neither of us are gamers beyond Fifa, Miinecraft and rocket League! So our experience of this genre is limited - and quite frankly I find it confusing!

Many thanks for any advice.
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It so lame for offline you can’t do much and there is no point getting the ultimate edition as you can’t use it in offline mode
I'm pretty sure it's on ea access £20 a year(as well as many other games ) and don't think you need live for it. might be mistaken though but it's worth a look
Its a decent game, for offline split screen it's surprisingly good. There's a couple of modes you can play coop or on different teams against bots. Not loads of levels but I really liked it!
The game is a very shallow experience offline and online. I don't think the extra maps have offline content but I could be wrong.
Hi all
Thanks so much for the feedback. I'm put off BF1. I would get BF2 but for the cost.
I think i'll have to think of another game for him, maybe a driving game.
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