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    Hi, like many of the users here, I was born in the 70s and grew up with Star Wars, and with this being a bit of a buying and selling forum, I thought i'd ask for advice here:thumbsup:
    I've just come back from the USA where I purchased a good condition kenner Star Wars figure:…jpg

    (the smears are on the plastic container)…jpg

    Now, I don't know that much about collecting Star Wars, i've only started buying boxed stuff over the last year- my technique is to buy anything cheap that I like. I spotted this figure for $64.99 and purchased it because I had never seen the figure before, which suprised me- it's a Death Star Droid btw.

    On coming back to the UK, I looked on ebay, and found a similar figure, which ended up going for £601!!! (item no. 120174654839). Now, that one has the trilogo and mine has staples in the top of it and isn't in such good condition, but there's no way it could be worth hundreds when I paid little over thirty quid for it, is it?

    If anyone has any knowledge here (googling hasn't come up with much tbh) please let me know. It's a nice figure but i'm stumped value now- really confused!


    Crikey...bit of a difficult one. Seems like a specialist collector would need to give you def. advice but looking a fleabay etc will give you a good pointer as to what people might pay. I think it boils down to specialist collectors. I hope you are sitting on a tidy sum though!:thumbsup:

    I have actually got an original (first time they were issued) Millenium Falcon, AT-AT (both in boxes - but played with) and a snow speeder (original) in the loft. I see these things are now getting collectable too.

    just looked on ebay there is a few on there ranging from £200-£499, i'd do as rockhound says and take it to a specialise collector

    good luck hope your sitting on a goldmine x x x

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    Weren't Kenner the original makers (as it's a US toy) with palitoy making it under licence in the UK (as with GI Joe and Action Force)? I always thought Palitoy stuff would go for more as it was made in more limited quantaties but current ebay sales seem to show little difference.

    As for the pumphouse, we spent four grand on furniture there during the summer from the guy who has the amazing 50s-70s furniture on the balcony, so I know it well. You're right about the toy collectors- random prices and little real knowledge. My dad has bought some toy cars there and he says they were very much underpriced, and the guy didn't really know much about them. Jacobs collectors centre near the train station is best- I like the guy who is convinced his 70s lamps and jukeboxes must be worth hundreds of thousands and laughs at you when you ask for prices- his stock never changes!

    Thanks for the advice everyone- i'm getting tempted to put this on ebay with a £200 reserve and use the cash to buy the gf a nice xmas bonus. I like the figure but I like her more!

    Worth around £145

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    Worth around £145

    I'd be more than happy with over 100 profit. Do you collect these then dandoc? A bit before your time i'd reckon:)


    I'd be more than happy with over 100 profit. Do you collect these then … I'd be more than happy with over 100 profit. Do you collect these then dandoc? A bit before your time i'd reckon:)

    I dont personally collect them but i know that particular figure sells for about that as its quite a strange one and rare

    Yes of course its before my time i was ony born in 1989

    It depends on how many ppl bid on your auction it could sell for £100 or £500 who knows

    What i suggest doing is when you DO list it (dont know if this is wrong of not) but contact a few people on the list of bidders on that £601 auction and alert them to what you are selling

    Item number: 120174654839

    Also try ebay wantit as some collectors may want it
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