Star Wars figures

    There were loads of figures when the new film came out in the summer, but they all seem to have vanished now! Toys R Us and Woolworths have a few but where have all the old ones gone from 6 months ago? Tried Gamleys as they seem to be months behind but no joy. Amazon only has a 4 pack of figures.

    I'mm looking either on-line or in-store and I've bought some off ebay already so don't suggest that please.

    Thanks (in advance)



    Don't forget ... Forbidden Planet .... I'm sure you can request a catalog from them too, we get one every quarter and there seems to be more than what's on the web site

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    Didn't think of Forbidden Planet, and I've never heard of the other wesbites but they look interesting.

    That was my first post, thank you for all your help. Hope I can assist on other topics


    That was my first post........

    Well, welcome


    I didnt notice it was your first post ...Welcome to HUKD's
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