Star Wars items for 4 year old

    It is my sons birthday in 2 weeks and he is obsessed with Star Wars. Wondering if anyone knows of any good deals on toys, wii games, towels etc.
    I do not need DVD's or the figures but anything else suitable for a 4 year old. Everything is just so expensive!!! I have seen a great towel on asda direct for £5 but it is £5 postage!!!
    Thank you so much for your help


    You gotta get Lego star Wars. Tis about £17 at HMV with quidco.

    I also got my wee 4 year old boy a lightsabre for xmas from these guys, it is awesome. £5.42 with p&p. He'll love you for it, trust me.…tml

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    We've got lego star wars - obsessed isn't the word. Although Lego batman is also a hot favourite. We've got the lightsabers with the Wii which he loves. They are a very good price though. Have you go the clone wars game where they use the lightsabers? Just wondering how suitable it is for a 4 year old?

    Good innit. Not done the clone wars yet. Sounds to me like you've got the full house. Why not throw a curve ball and introduce spiderman. That'll open a completely new buying opportunity!

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    We've already done spiderman and got bored of it!!! Think I'm going o buy the clone wars dv and a cheap dvd player for him for the bedroom to go with the old tv. Thanks for your help
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