Star wars the force unleashed 2

    Played through the game and it was epic much better than the First one on gameplay , and the end leaves you hanging ( really hope a 3rd one is in the works )

    Bad point was the story wasn't very long and the odd glitch.

    What's others opinions ( keep it spoiler free please )


    Just started playing the 1st one after seeing a mate play the 2nd demo. Enjoying it, 2nd one looks quality though.

    considering picking this up, how long did it take you to complete and on what difficulty?

    Original Poster Banned

    Played it on medium difficulty wasn't to bad took maybe 8 hours to do total I think

    But unleashed difficulty will be solid though

    Annoying glitch was falling off platforms during the fight with vader after the flip over him. Brilliant game well too short got it on friday traded it in on saturday. Wish i would have rented it.

    Thanks for review, just played the DEMO was impressed but didn't get it as spent too much last week.

    Playing this at the moment. It is a improvement on the 1st but still gets very boring doing the same thing.....novelty wears off quick.

    It's rumoured the new guy that took over at Lucas Arts cancelled TFU3
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