Stargazing Guide For Beginners

    Hi all,can anybody who is interested in Stargazing/Astronomy give me a little advice on which type ov telescope(with a max budget ov £100)to buy for my mum for her 60th birthday,also give me any links to other web pages about the stars/planets/spacestations which are visable on certain nights ov the year and where to look in the sky!
    thanks in advance
    paula x


    Not an expert but have looked into this before and £100 is just going to be wasted money IMO, I believe you have to spend a great deal more to get anything of any use. £100 is just going to buy something you use a couple of times and then stick in the back of the wardrobe because it's carp.

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    oh right ok thanks for that,i shall speak to my sister and see if she would match my £100 or maybe look into a second one! thanks again for your reply.

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    [][/url]some good reviews on this one

    thank you so much this is exactly what i was looking for, and as you said the reviews look good too!
    cheers paula x

    If your spending under £200ish a good pair of binoculars is your best bet
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