Starling, Revolut, Monzo, Which one is best?

Posted 28th Jan
I want to start with one so can you guys tell me which one is best and why?
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Revolut is very simple to use. But has a fair bit of criticism on HUKD. I love it for what I need it for
I had all 3 of them but keep using starling. I don’t know why?
Starling doesn’t let you change the start date for the month to your payday, so the budget and spending data becomes pretty useless. This was the main reason I went with Monzo.
I've only used Revolut and dont have any Complaints - maybe i should see what the others are like too
Starling is a bank account, Revolut isn't.
I use Monzo and it’s straight forward I got it for foreign use, then they put a limit on free withdrawals, but that’s been took off again for Europe so all is good... I don’t use it as my main account but.

Plus I can’t comment on the others as I have never used them...
statling and no way back
I use all 3 but Starling is my everyday account. Just prefer it over the other 2.
Starling by a mile.
I prefer Starling too, my only criticism is using their card with Curve displays all transactions as “Curve” unlike most other banks.
I have all 3. I now find that I use Starling most when I travel and keep Revolut as my backup travel card. I do like that Revolut allows you to buy certain currency and hold it. This was handy when the Turkish currency dropped suddenly a few months back and I managed to buy some and hold it on the card about 3-4 months before I travelled. I tend to use monzo more within the UK.
Starling - free to use anywhere and you get interest on your money.
I have halifax clarity card , is it better to get starling instead ?
Starling is a bank, so get that anyway as its awesome.
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