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Found 2nd Mar 2007
I'm looking at getting StarPlus (Hindi TV channel) for my mother and internet

With Sky TV it's about £20 per month (£15 for two mixes + £5 per month for midi internet)

With VirginMedia it's 2 services for £20 (Basic TV + 2mb/s unlimited Internet) + £10 just for Starplus = £30 per month

I want to ring Virgin Media and see if they can better that price as Sky TV is 50% cheaper. How flexible are they likely to be? I like to be prepared before ringing so advice would be great. We are in a Virgin and Sky Broadband area.

I'm paying plusnet £14.99 per month for 8mb/s and 50 gb limit but there's an annoying 4gb limit during peak hours of 4pm to midnight every single day. I'd rather have a slower constant connection at all hours.

Will Virgin Media match Sky or given there's no sky one on Virgin anymore will they beat the £20 per month or add perhaps faster then 2mb/s internet seeing as Sky is offer 8mb/s (with 40 gb limit - which is fine for us)

Since I already almost pay £15 per month for internet I don't mind forking out an extra £5 per month if it will get my mother Sky+ - we already have Sky+ but don't fancy multiroom or anything like that or having internet down time by switch from Plusnet to Sky Broadband.

Is there photos and more details of the box Virgin give you for £20 per month? Any tips people can give on how far a brand new customer can push Virgin for a good deal please .. now there's no Sky One on Virgin I'm assuming they'll be more flexible.

Also is there a cooling off period if not happy with the service?

Basically if I can get from VirginMedia Basic TV + 2mb/s Broadband + StarPlus for £20 or less I'd be reasonably happy.

However since there's no Sky One I'd prefer either more channels or faster internet. What do you think my chances are?
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