started wrapping christmas presents yet ?

    just started wrapping mine and somethings are impossible to wrap n make it look presentable lol got mr potato head bubble bath looks like a just scrunched it all together lol so what have u bought and tried to wrap badly this year


    Wrapped the little ones, just stuck a bow on the bike, and big stuff.

    Started wrapping last week, I wrap everything badly with 5 kids i'm in to much of a hurry! need to get things sorted as hubbys home from overseas on the 13th Dec, need to be organised with all the shopping LOL
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    Wrapped the little ones, just stuck a bow on the bike, and big stuff.

    In poundland I noticed they had a xmas cover for wrapping a bike...just saying!

    Yeh done most of mine...!! whoo hooo

    I can never get to wrap anything properly unless it's a easy shape like a box, so I'll be using the easy bags.

    I just leave it in the carrier bag and Sellotape round the handles

    Wrapped a bunch today.

    The awkward shapes, like clothes I put inside boxes - I bought a set of boxes inside boxes - you know, they stack like Russian dolls, but you could recycle some of your cardboard boxes.

    Means that pressies are neat, easy to wrap ...

    ... and squeeze-to-find-out-what's-inside-proof!

    I have wrapped the ones that need to be sent, included a round box which was a bit difficult to wrap, everything else so far has been nice and easy
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