Starter record player?

Found 27th Jan
Got some old records I’d love to play. Been in loft for years. Anyone know of a reasonably priced player? Doesn’t have to be fancy. Could even go for a refurbished. I missed the Debenhams offer. I know Argos have one for £14.99 but reviews say they’ll ruin the records....
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Buy a 2nd hand stack system off ebay/freeads whatever. Even the worst Amstrad POS is bound to be better quality than anything argos sell for less than £200.
Firstly if you're looking at record players in the £15 budget that's £15 in the bin.
As mentioned above have you considered a second hand stack system. I bought my son a Technics 9D system that was over £1500 When new in 89/90 for a bargain price of £167 through Ebay. Also some Pioneer Z systems are good value for money.
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