Found 17th Jun 2009
Hi i am currently intrested in becoming a dj, i currently have no turntables, and have no equipment as of yet, it would be greatly apreciated if you anyone could provide tips, or advice on what sort of equipment to start off with, and to buy as a beguiner?

much apreciated
Jolyon Jones

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Start with a turntable ........................................ and a bubble machine

Most dj's are using CD decks now so it is worth building up a stock of mp3's on your computer. As for decks and mixer, everyone I know uses a Denon mixer DN-X1500 and either Denon CD decks or Pioneer. Most clubs that they play at have Pioneer CD decks. It depends how committed you want to become as equipment is expensive.

Use this and sit back and pretend to know what you're doing.

Ray Von?

Ivana Danceov.

You could also try using some mixing software on your pc to mix mp3's together. Should help you to get used to knowing when to mix in the next tune. Also this way you can see the waveform of the music which helps with beatmatching.

DSS DJ, Mixvibes, Atomix, Virtual DJ are all good programs to start with
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