Starting out as a make up artist...

    Not me, my girlfriend, has just qualified as a make up artist. It's something which she really enjoys and is really good at, however its a hard industry to get into.

    I understand that for a long time when starting you will be working for free just to build up your portfolio/contacts.

    So I'm asking if anyone on the board happens to be in the industry, or if anyone knows of any websites to gain contacts from or to advertise yourself.


    where are you guys located?
    im starting to shoot with tfp models. the free stuff to build the portfolio.

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    She is located in Hertfordshire. Do you use any forums to advertise? Could you provide further details on yourself?

    Thanks for the reply!

    a website called confeti, it is a wedding forum, she could advertise her services on there, loads of money in wedding makeup. also another wedding forum

    Maybe get a stall at a wedding fair or something? Get a beautiful person with her.. which she can make even more beautiful live for people to see

    instead of getting a model to do it, offer free make overs to brides to be there. it will get her more bussiness if people can see how talented she is


    She is located in Hertfordshire. Do you use any forums to advertise? … She is located in Hertfordshire. Do you use any forums to advertise? Could you provide further details on yourself?Thanks for the reply!

    I use a studio near romford

    My portfolio is aimed at professional photography not weddings.

    offer wedding make up, youll quickly build a portfolio. Facepainting also shows a more adventurous person , although sounds a lil strange. Again tho it is who you know not what you know, but you need to live near where the work out and be extremely out going, any shy person is always gonna be over looked

    word of mouth is powerful or try affiliation to a good local hairdresser.
    Theatre company/production if that's an area you want to go into and pic up some rep.
    Have a portfolio of your work, good pics go a long way

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    Thanks for all the replies, will talk to her and see what she says.

    Thanks again!

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    Have spoken to her, and she has done some wedding make up, however doesn't want to get stuck into this area. She is more interested in the special effects side, any ideas on how to start out in this industry?

    And as an incentive - some work she did on myself -

    that pic will keep the kids away from the fire!

    Sadly, most film and tv jobs have dozens of applicants. It's a case of keeping plugging away until something comes up. I have a friend who's a TV presenter (has logged several hundred hours on ITV) who has written an episode of Shameless and done loads of other stuff. It still took him twelve years to get his film made. We also know Justin Kerrigan down here who made Human Traffic. Bit of a cult film, broke even in the cinema and has made a steady profit on video sales/dvd sales ever since. He's just now working on his second film, nine years on. Everything from the bottom jobs up in the tv and film industry is oversubscribed with willing applicants. Good to see you and the gf acknowledge it, so many people expect to walk into a job nowadays!

    As for routes in, the pic above clearly shows she's got a gift for horror makeup. Why not put together a small website focussing on this side of it and send the link to Bizarre magazine and other horror websites? With a bit of advertising on it you could make a bit of cash as well as providing exposure- you know how quickly decent photos spread around online (dont forget to put the web address on every pic). A few decent birds covered in blood, now that's sellable...
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