Starview/Eurovox question

    I am thinking of getting one of these boxes for the bedroom. I currently have a starview box downstairs sitting room working fine.

    Now, I have a direct broadband connection set up in my bedroom , say if I were to get a starview/eurovox for my bedroom and use a 2 way splitter (that way I will still be able to use the internet and use the box) would that effect my internet connection in any way?

    I thought I would ask some people here who have experience of using more than more one box in their home and/or using it via a 2 way splitter.



    sometimes splitting the feed too much( 3 way split) causes the signal to be too weak for the box to pick up, but you could then ask virgin to boost the signal just make up a fault and ask the engineer to do it when he comes, he will know why but they dont really care in my experience lol

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    cheers so do you reckon the 2way split will be okay? hopefully that shouldnt kill my internet speed?

    depends see, as it will be already split at the brown box on the front of your house, so essentially its gonna end up a 3 way split cos your splitting a split upstairs, thats where you might get probs.

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    Ahh I get you! Cheers :thumbsup:

    A 2-way split will be fine. Not tried a 3-way...split,lol but you will be ok to have a box and pc off of the 1 :thumbsup: Not tried the star box (eurovox here) any good?

    I have mine on a 3 way split and have lost E4+1 and and BBC3, there are a few others too but on the whole it works fine.

    just rescan the box, and the channels pop back,

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    yeah we have starview downstairs, i think its the second version. Starview 3 is also out so, i might try and get that.

    Anyone know where you can get one of these boxes from, bit late to the thread I know!


    Anyone know where you can get one of these boxes from, bit late to the … Anyone know where you can get one of these boxes from, bit late to the thread I know!


    eurovox are going to die soon as they are changing Nagra Version and also watch out for clones.

    Get a dreambox or itgate

    i've been advised to get a Starview box, wouldn't touch ebay for them to many clones.

    Cheers :thumbsup:
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