State Pension entitlement

    Don't know if anyone on here has expert knowledge on this topic but.....
    Someone lives and works in USA, has joint citizenship, is married to an American and has children. Rhey pay voluntary NI contributions each year. They have been told that they will qualify for a stte retirement pension and their wife will too. The wife has never lived or worked in UK, is an American citizen thus has never paid anything by way of NI etc.
    I can't believe that this is true - but he is going to continue to pay voluntary contributions in order to qualify for this. I think he has been mislead - surely in these days of austerity and cutbacks Britain would not be giving pensions on this basis?
    Anyone help please?


    I think to claim a state pension you have to make 35 years contributions. So a partner would not be entitled to anything. Unless they have made the contributions them self's.

    If you are a citizen (dual or not) and have paid the required amount of NI contributions I believe you are entitled to the UK state pension . Check though through the Government website…ion . Don't ever believe random folks on a shopping website .

    We pay child benefit to kids not living in this country why not pay your friends wife who is trying to rob the system
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