Posted 19th Dec 2022 (Posted 5 h, 33 m ago)
Hi all.

I hopw you're all keeping safe, well and warm.

I recently changed my plastic light switches to metal and I earthed them (earth to the back box, and then earth from back box to Earth lug on switch).

Sometimes, when I'm taking off my dressing gown then turning off the light switch, I get a small electric shock.

Assuming I have earthed the switch correctly, can this still happen? Or does this 100% mean that I have not earthed the switch properly?

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    Yep - assuming it's wired correctly, it sounds like you are simply grounding yourself as you have now provided an easier path to ground
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    Sounds to me like you're just grounding yourself out when you're touching the light switch, ie the elec is passing from you to the switch and not the other way around.
    You're probably building up static from wearing your dressing gown or just from wandering around on your carpet, easily done, especially if the air is dry.
    Yep, I sometimes used to get a small discharge of static when I have slid off my chair that has a polyester cover on it, then touch my video devices switch. I finally worked out what was going on, and have since stopped sliding off the chair as much as possible, and it happens way less now.
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    This sounds like expected behaviour. But if you touch something like a wall for a second or so before you press the light switch it should reduce the effect
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