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    I'm after an exercise bike. I want it to have a display which tells miles travelled, calories used etc Also I would like it to be portable as I will be storing it in the shed and bringing it out to use.
    Can someone also tell me what I need to know about an exercise bike ie flywheel etc

    I'm looking to spend in the region of £100-150.



    Can get cheaper than that

    Only £89.99 (reduced from £300) plus £7.95 delivery and has good reviews. Max body weight 16 stone though.....not sure of your weight!!!!…850

    Original Poster

    Thanks for the reply but that's a racing exercise bike, look at the handle bars.
    I want one that you can do a leisurely 20 mins while I'm watching the telly.

    Btw I'm only 12 stone;-)

    Ah.......I see, not one for a spinning class then :whistling:, could try Argos, they have loads in store. sell cheap ones from about 30-50 quid, there not bad.

    Why not consider a stepper - smaller and just as good. Quieter too.

    JJB sports? Then buy a voucher off ebay and save some extra money.
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