Staying in Belfast

    Hi I am looking to stay overnight in Belfast on Friday 27 November. Anybody know of any good deals to be had???

    Thanks in advance


    :roll:Bus shelter at the Back of the Law Courts is always free!

    There is an offer on the Hilton I think

    Original Poster

    bus shelter sounds like a def possibility lol :thumbsup:

    Hotel Connexions have deals on 5 hotels in Belfast including the Hilton- either visit the website or call 01786 825 407.

    the new ramada -Encore, lovely NEW hotel, and if your into Ice Hockey the traveling teams (Vs the Belfast Giants) stay there.

    Dunno about current prices tho, sorry.

    Try the salvation army, free but you have to vacate room by 8am, dont shave for a few days beforehand and carry your stuff in a black bin liner to avoid suspicion, good irish breakfast too
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