Steam Cleaning Car Seats.

Posted 23rd Dec 2019
I have a steam cleaner to do my car seats, does anyone know if it is best to use an upholstery cleaner on them first then steam them or just steam.
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Who’s been a naughty boy then??
Pay attention to airbag+seatbelt electrics; just to be on the safe side, better disconnect the battery.
Use carpet/ upholstery cleaner. Steam then wet and dry vacuum as you go. Wrong time of year to do it though
This guy has the right idea.
The seats will only take 30 mins to dry out if you can have the engine running with heating blowing toward the seats. Just remember not to over wet the seats.
If you have the right attachment for the steamer, wrap a microfiber cloth round it and steam away, use 1 or 2 for each seat.
If push comes to shove get the seats wet vac, I'm a retailer and only charge a small fee for seats to be wet vacced as I really enjoy seeing the muck being pulled out lol
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